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Throughout the United States, community coalitions are making a significant difference in addressing the challenges of alcohol and other drug abuse. By bringing together the entire community - parents, teachers, educators, young people, criminal justice, law enforcement, health care providers, counselors, social services, media, business and civic leaders, elected officials, people in recovery, and concerned citizens - communities can transform themselves. Local coalitions have changed the way American communities respond to the threats of illegal drugs, excessive alcohol, and tobacco use.Coalitions provide a formal arrangement for collaboration between groups or sectors of a community, in which each group retains its identity but all agree to work together toward a common goal of building a safe, healthy, reduced drug risk community. Coalitions have and need deep connections to the local community and they serve as catalysts for change in their community.
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Uniting, Identifying, and Responding To The Challenges

We serve the community by:

  •  Informing the public about alcohol and other drug related issues.

  •  Increasing awareness of area programs and resources.

  •   Advocating for adequate prevention, intervention and treatment options.

  •    Identifying community needs and working toward resolutions.

  •    Coordinating community alcohol and other drug awareness activities